Tough Day at the Office

Some days, you gotta put your back into it. Or your sweet tooth, as the case may be. Researching a pie round up, senior editor Maria Hart brings in no fewer than 12 slices of assorted pumpkin/apple/berry/coconut/chocolate goodness into the Matchbook office. Then, the real work begins as our team sorts through every flaky, buttery, nutmeg-y bite. Lest we hit pie fatigue, we do head-to-head taste-tests of pumpkin versus pumpkin and chocolate versus chocolate.

Curious what pies were named New York City’s best? Check out the app’s Inspiration Feed to see our picks and many more great eats.

Surprises from Our Matchbook Survey

We have a declaration—we love our users. And like many long-term relationships, we’re at a point where we can finish each other’s….

Yes, we like to think at this point in the game, we know what they like, what they dislike, and how they take their coffee (in a cup). But sometimes our users surprise us. And, hey, that just keeps it interesting.

Looking over the results of our Matchbook survey, certain things leap out at us. So what’s keeping us on our toes?

We asked: What prompts you to add a bookmark?
We figured it would be reading a great review or walking by a promising place, but more than 60% replied that they’re prompted by eating at a great restaurant. That means they’re bookmarking a venue *after* the meal. Interesting! It also means our app is a part of the dining experience at every stage, from the point a user hears about a restaurant to the point after they’ve paid the tab.

We asked: How often do you bookmark places in other cities?
We were curious, do Matchbookers use our app to keep track of restaurants away from home? Do they use it when they travel? (Or arm-chair travel?) Turns out, here we see a split of about 50/50, where about half of our users keep it strictly at homebase, while the other half keeps track of restaurants away from home. And we’re glad our app can help them both.

We asked: When do you open the Matchbook app?
Is it when our users plan a trip? Or make a reservation? Or just when they’re bored waiting for the train? Well, 75% say they open it when looking for dining inspiration. Good to know! (You can expect this little item to circle back around in coming posts.)

One thing that didn’t surprise us? Our users love us right back.

We gave our users a soapbox to stand on to let us know how they felt, and here’s what they said about Matchbook:

“It’s the one and only app I find useful, quick, and simple enough to quickly bookmark places as I pass by or as I visit them.”

“My girlfriend and I use Matchbook to keep track of our favorite places, and soon-to-be-favorites! Makes date night super freakin’ easy!“

“Because when I’m out and someone says, ‘let’s eat!’ we all yell, ‘Yeah!’ and then for the life of us can’t think of where to go, you help us avoid social malnutrition.”

Aw. That gives us the warm fuzzies.

Networking with The Social Network: Our team heads cross country to SF to attend f8.

Networking with The Social Network: Our team heads cross country to SF to attend f8.

On the Town

Here’s a happy shout-out from the App Store: Matchbook has been listed as an “On the Town” app—helping users “have a memorable night out.”

Introducing the Matchbook Team Blog

If you’ve followed our Tumblr blog for a while, you know that we’ve used this little corner of the Internet to gather shoutouts from other blogs, highlight new app features, and, yes, post pics of vintage matchbooks. It’s a fun hodgepodge of stuff! But now we’re tidying up a bit and refocusing. The result: this Tumblr will be the official Matchbook Team Blog.

What does that mean? Well watch this spot, and you’ll get a peek into our company: Our thoughts, strategies, events, job openings, parties, launches, and taste-tests. (Mmmm…taste-tests…)

So stay tuned to see what it’s like to be a member of our mighty little startup.

Matchbook is Hiring

Matchbook’s mission is to help you remember all the wonderful places you come across in your life. Whether it’s a place you absolutely love or a newly discovered place you want to try, Matchbook is the way to keep them all conveniently organized.

Matchbook is hiring a senior editor to execute Matchbook’s editorial strategy — online, in app, and across social media platforms. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about the New York City restaurant scene, possesses outstanding writing and editing skills and extensive social media experience, is excited about emerging digital trends, and is a creative thinker.


- Source, curate, write and edit content for all platforms (blog, in app, across social media)
- Identify new ways to inspire and engage the existing community and drive acquisition and engagement
- Manage, execute and optimize social media reporting, analytics and content calendars
- Collaborate with internal team (product, engineering)


- Outstanding writing, grammar, and communication skills
- Ability to deliver quality work in a fast paced and high volume environment
- Experience developing and executing multi-platform social media strategies, content calendars and tactical plans
- Experience managing a social media property on a daily basis
- Proven multi-tasker that can a manage several projects at once under tight deadlines and accommodate rapid changes

If you’re interested, please send your resume, cover letter, and writing samples to with a subject line of “Senior Editor.” Plain text resumes and links to online resumes are preferred to email attachments.


As some of you already know, we’ve been working hard for the past several months to build a brand spankin’ new version of Matchbook with an all-new design and an upgraded back-end architecture, rebuilt from the ground up. We looked closely at how people are using the app, we listened to your suggestions and feedback, we went back to the drawing board and we believe we came up with something you’ll really love. We’ve taken great care to ensure that everything flows a lot more smoothly, with fewer technical hiccups.

We appreciate all the support and patience our user community has shown us during this time, and we’re very excited to announce we’re ready to release the all-new Matchbook 2.0. An update to the app should be available in the app store today, check it out at

We’ve poured a lot of love into this update, but it’s only the beginning. We will continue to work tirelessly to make Matchbook better every single day by listening to the things you like/dislike and the ideas you want to see implemented in future versions of the app. Together, we’ll truly make Matchbook the best way to remember the places you love and want to try.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on Matchbook 2.0 at, we can’t wait to hear from you.


The Matchbook Team




Matchbook Landscapes

Krista Charles makes graphite drawings on the vintage matchbooks that she collects, using Google Street View to find out what the location on each matchbook looks like now.

A wonderful way to illustrate the passage of time and how we perceive it.

(via Miss Moss)

Blogger shout-out: Four Tines, A Napkin and a… Matchbook?

Some food blogs are jam-packed with great content but their lack of organization makes them tricky to navigate. Not the case on Four Tines and a Napkin.

One thing that stands out about this neatly organized site is the ability to easily browse through places by meal type (brunch, lunch, dinner, etc), cuisine or location.

This is of course not to devalue the content itself—the depth of the posts, ranging from meatballs to Michelin is impressive and each post is visually enhanced by beautifully framed photographs (cue mouth-watering).

Chief contributor Stefie’s explanation around how she themed her blog’s style on Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry (check out her and Marcus’ mammoth post on their experience) shows her heart for gastronomy and we are friends with anyone that is “on the hunt for the best quality and best tasting things out there.”

Four Tines also has a “Bucket List” of her 10 must-go places, and the “Eaten & Conquered” section, which fits nicely with the new “Want to Go” or “Went” categorizing in Matchbook.

Stefie + friends have reviewed over 100 New York eateries and drinkeries, plus a bunch of places in Boston, Chicago, Finger Lakes, Philadelphia, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Washington DC.

What about that name, Four Tines and a Napkin? With a tip of the hat to The Big Bang Theory, Stefie shares that a fork (with four tines) and a napkin are the two basic things we need to be able to eat. One (i.e. us) would argue that we all also need Matchbook to remember those great places to eat but the name starts to get a little lengthy…

Check out Stefie’s latest post on New York’s Empellón Cocina. Apparently the pancakes for brunch are a must, and you can save it straight to your Matchbook from her post using the “Save to Phone” button.