Shhh! New York’s best secret gardens and rooftops, uncovered

Being able to magically pull out that perfect and impressive bar or restaurant when you’re leaned on for a suggestion is one of the reasons you love Matchbook, right?

Well, be prepared to become even more awesome because we’ve dug up some of the most enchanting secret gardens and sun-soaked roofdecks for you to enjoy this summer in New York.

If you’re using Matchbook in New York City, you’ll see “Curated List: Secret Gardens and Rooftops” on the homescreen - simply tap this button to bring up the list and “save all,” or browse each spot and save them, one-by-one.

From Parisian chic to delightful bites and brass cupolas, you’ll enjoy checking off each of these treasured spots. We promise.


PS, if you don’t have Matchbook and are insanely jealous right now, you can download it right away:

App update! Want To Go Vs. I Went + more

Hey there,

There is a shiny new Matchbook update waiting for you! Below are the three most requested features from fine people like you. If you have some thoughts, please share. We’re good listeners.

You can upgrade now by visiting or by going to the app store on your phone and accessing via the “Updates” tab.

Want To Go vs I Went
Organize your list into places that you Want To Go and places that you Went. If you only want to see one category, click the little heart or finger icon.

Search In An Area
Looking for the perfect brunch spot in a particular area? Move the circle over the area you want to search in and we’ll show you the best places from your list, as well as the most saved restaurants from other users.

Search By Cuisine
Looking for an Italian restaurant? At the top of your bookmark list is a search bar that can help you out. Type in something like, “italian soho” or “french” and we’ll filter the list down for you. It’s like Google for your saved places so you can search any combination of the cuisine, neighborhood, name of the place, notes, and tags.

Great Features That Are Sticking Around
You told us that these are the things you love most about Matchbook. Keep enjoying!

⁃ Viewing all your saved places on a map. Tap the button in the top right corner of the Bookmarks page.
⁃ Creating your own tags. Tap ‘Add Tag’, and then type in any tag you want in the field at the top.

We hope you think it’s rad. Feel free to tell us your thoughts below or at contact(at)matchbookit(dot)com

Forever Yours,

Blogger shout-out: The Gastronomer takes on the food world

We were poking around for good food places in LA and came across, the brainchild of The Gastronomer, Cathy, and her husband The Astronomer.

The site is packed with a powerful list of reviews delivered in a thorough and compelling manner, and we simply had to share it so you can find out about some fantastic, new places to eat.

She has reviewed places all over the world including Bangkok, Barcelona, Bzeijing, Ensenada, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Manila, Montreal, Tijuana and more. US cities she’s covered include New York, Austin, Las Vegas, Chicago and her hometown of LA.

Beware restaurants—her nickname isn’t “Tuffy” for nothin’, this girl knows her stuff.

For everyone else, you can be sure that if Cathy says it’s good, the place has jumped through the appropriate hoops to get her admiration. Matchbook it straight away.

I’m going to call out her Saigon list specifically. It is impressive and if you love food and are planning on visiting this fine city, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not read through her reviews.

To finish up, Cathy lists her favorite place as Buddakan—and we’re not talking about that one from Carrie and Big’s rehearsal dinner, we’re talking about Philly. Yep, Buddakan in Philadelphia (you can Matchbook this one straight from the button up to your right); I have a feeling I’ll be making a trip there soon…

325 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA

1892. The birth of the matchbook patent.

We just found this little gem of a piece in the New York Times telling the historical tale of the matchbook, dating all the way back to 1892. We love a guy that solves a problem and rumor has it that Joshua Pusey, lawyer and inventor, created the matchbook because a box of wooden matches was simply too “bulky and awkward to carry around.”

Read the article.

[ Illustration by Andrea Manzati, courtesy of the New York Times ]

A Voce41 Madison AveNew YorkNY

A Voce
41 Madison Ave
New York

Meet Gemma. Our newest Matchbooker

Well, hello.

My name is Gemma and I am Matchbook’s newest addition. I’m thrilled to be here and want to tell you a little about me, a little about what I’ll be doing, and most importantly a little about what is coming up with the app.

My Matchbook journey began just over a year ago when I saw the team launch at the New York Tech Meetup. At the time I was sans-iPhone and when I upgraded from my Blackberry a few months later, Matchbook had made such an impact that it was among the first apps I downloaded.

Fast-forward 13 months and I found myself sitting in a bar chatting with Jason, Matchbook’s founder, about how I use the app, what I like, and what I wish for. It turns out, sitting down to talk with users is a big part of how things are done at Matchbook. Our continued conversations evolved into an opportunity for me to join Matchbook, and here I am. Who doesn’t love a bit of serendipity in their lives?

Over the last 18 or so months the team here has been hard at work building an amazing product for us all. My job here is pretty pin-point — to get more people saving the places they want to remember. For those of you who already love Matchbook, I’ll be sharing tips, new features and maybe an anecdote or two to help you get the most out of it. It really is a nifty life tool that has allowed me to be more curious, organized and spontaneous.

Our social channels will be getting some love, so feel free to say hi to us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Very soon we are releasing an app update with many of the features you have been requesting. Keep an eye out for that little update icon — we promise, it will be worth it.

The number of matchbookers around the world is pretty impressive. We have people from the US, UK, Canada, China, Australia, Germany, Japan, Brazil and even Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the Philippines! It a great tool for matchbooking the places you want to visit on your holiday, so it’s no wonder we’re global. Proud as punch.

On a more personal note, I’m originally from Australia so please don’t hold it against me if I occasionally use a word you don’t understand. Just let me know and I’ll give you a humorous tale to explain what it means.

You may have noticed that I’m fond of a bit of a story. Send me yours. I like to talk and write, but I love to listen. You can reach me at gemma AT

— Gemma is Matchbook’s Head of Marketing.

Aurora70 Grand StBrooklynNY

70 Grand St

Cafeteria119 7th Ave.New YorkNY

119 7th Ave.
New York


'Ino21 Bedford StNew YorkNY

21 Bedford St
New York

Elmo Restaurant and Lounge156 7th Ave.New YorkNY

Elmo Restaurant and Lounge
156 7th Ave.
New York