Blogger shout-out: Four Tines, A Napkin and a… Matchbook?

Some food blogs are jam-packed with great content but their lack of organization makes them tricky to navigate. Not the case on Four Tines and a Napkin.

One thing that stands out about this neatly organized site is the ability to easily browse through places by meal type (brunch, lunch, dinner, etc), cuisine or location.

This is of course not to devalue the content itself—the depth of the posts, ranging from meatballs to Michelin is impressive and each post is visually enhanced by beautifully framed photographs (cue mouth-watering).

Chief contributor Stefie’s explanation around how she themed her blog’s style on Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry (check out her and Marcus’ mammoth post on their experience) shows her heart for gastronomy and we are friends with anyone that is “on the hunt for the best quality and best tasting things out there.”

Four Tines also has a “Bucket List” of her 10 must-go places, and the “Eaten & Conquered” section, which fits nicely with the new “Want to Go” or “Went” categorizing in Matchbook.

Stefie + friends have reviewed over 100 New York eateries and drinkeries, plus a bunch of places in Boston, Chicago, Finger Lakes, Philadelphia, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Washington DC.

What about that name, Four Tines and a Napkin? With a tip of the hat to The Big Bang Theory, Stefie shares that a fork (with four tines) and a napkin are the two basic things we need to be able to eat. One (i.e. us) would argue that we all also need Matchbook to remember those great places to eat but the name starts to get a little lengthy…

Check out Stefie’s latest post on New York’s Empellón Cocina. Apparently the pancakes for brunch are a must, and you can save it straight to your Matchbook from her post using the “Save to Phone” button.

Shhh! New York’s best secret gardens and rooftops, uncovered

Being able to magically pull out that perfect and impressive bar or restaurant when you’re leaned on for a suggestion is one of the reasons you love Matchbook, right?

Well, be prepared to become even more awesome because we’ve dug up some of the most enchanting secret gardens and sun-soaked roofdecks for you to enjoy this summer in New York.

If you’re using Matchbook in New York City, you’ll see “Curated List: Secret Gardens and Rooftops” on the homescreen - simply tap this button to bring up the list and “save all,” or browse each spot and save them, one-by-one.

From Parisian chic to delightful bites and brass cupolas, you’ll enjoy checking off each of these treasured spots. We promise.


PS, if you don’t have Matchbook and are insanely jealous right now, you can download it right away: