Shhh! New York’s best secret gardens and rooftops, uncovered

Being able to magically pull out that perfect and impressive bar or restaurant when you’re leaned on for a suggestion is one of the reasons you love Matchbook, right?

Well, be prepared to become even more awesome because we’ve dug up some of the most enchanting secret gardens and sun-soaked roofdecks for you to enjoy this summer in New York.

If you’re using Matchbook in New York City, you’ll see “Curated List: Secret Gardens and Rooftops” on the homescreen - simply tap this button to bring up the list and “save all,” or browse each spot and save them, one-by-one.

From Parisian chic to delightful bites and brass cupolas, you’ll enjoy checking off each of these treasured spots. We promise.


PS, if you don’t have Matchbook and are insanely jealous right now, you can download it right away: