App update! Want To Go Vs. I Went + more

Hey there,

There is a shiny new Matchbook update waiting for you! Below are the three most requested features from fine people like you. If you have some thoughts, please share. We’re good listeners.

You can upgrade now by visiting or by going to the app store on your phone and accessing via the “Updates” tab.

Want To Go vs I Went
Organize your list into places that you Want To Go and places that you Went. If you only want to see one category, click the little heart or finger icon.

Search In An Area
Looking for the perfect brunch spot in a particular area? Move the circle over the area you want to search in and we’ll show you the best places from your list, as well as the most saved restaurants from other users.

Search By Cuisine
Looking for an Italian restaurant? At the top of your bookmark list is a search bar that can help you out. Type in something like, “italian soho” or “french” and we’ll filter the list down for you. It’s like Google for your saved places so you can search any combination of the cuisine, neighborhood, name of the place, notes, and tags.

Great Features That Are Sticking Around
You told us that these are the things you love most about Matchbook. Keep enjoying!

⁃ Viewing all your saved places on a map. Tap the button in the top right corner of the Bookmarks page.
⁃ Creating your own tags. Tap ‘Add Tag’, and then type in any tag you want in the field at the top.

We hope you think it’s rad. Feel free to tell us your thoughts below or at contact(at)matchbookit(dot)com

Forever Yours,